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Jim Rouge

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The revolutionary FibreAir in our children’s swimsuits.


The FibreAir that is integrated into the Plouf swimsuit allows for exceptional floating properties for our children who can not yet swim.

Its incredible buoyancy is due to the fact that FibreAir is made up of 97% encapsulated air (250 g of woven FibreAir can float a body mass of 130 kg). To obtain perfect buoyancy, several layers of FibreAir have been superimposed within the suit based on the individual’s weight. This fibre is water repellent and retains neither heat nor cold. FibreAir is also heat-resistant: no deformation is observed up to 95° Celsius.

Regardless of how the child falls into the water, he will automatically float to the surface in a horizontal position as opposed to other floating swimsuits that help maintain the child out of the water but in a vertical position ("cork" effect).Even if the suit is cut, tests prove that its buoyancy is in no way affected.Your child is independent and free in its movements, seeing as there are no accessories to obstruct their movements. The Plouf swimsuit even has an educative role in aiding children to learn how to swim


Choose the « Plouf » swimsuit based on your Child’s weight.

  • 3 y.o. (15/17 kg)
  • 4 y.o. (17/19 kg)
  • 5 y.o. (19/21 kg)
  • 6 y.o. (21/24 kg)

CE-NFConforms to European buoyancy-aids standards, EN-13138-1: 2008
Meets the class- “buoyancy aid" by certification of examination num.

This product must always be used with adult supervision.
Not suitable for children under 30 months of age.

Download our safety notice in PDF format
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