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In this new Do It Yourself, reinforce the feeling of safety of the child in the water in order to progress faster towards an assured and autonomous swimming.

Below are some simple and effective water exercises to help your child relax in the water and reduce his stress:

• Practice in the water: splashing sweet: splashing sweet symbol.JPG

For more and more precise water movements: Your child on foot, encourage them to hit the water with their hands. Held at the edge of the pool, beat his feet. It’s the one that will make the most waves!

This simple water game allows your child to exult his frustrations, anger and stress through the water. As he goes along, his actions will become more and more precise.

Nota Bene: The more the exercise is repeated, the more your baby will quietly approach the beginnings of the movements of an autonomous swimming and of the aquatic awakening.

Moving in water exercise: splashing sweet symbol.JPG

Use the release technique to increase your child’s confidence. With its floating swimsuits for girls and floating swimsuits for boys, Plouf ensures a perfect flotation for your child.

While your child is lying peacefully in the water on his back, you place a benevolent hand under his back. Then, after choosing the direction in which he wants to go (arms and legs should stay apart), you will walk him to the surface of the water. Little by little, your child will relax in the water thanks to the relationship of trust established. So, you try? Emoji-coeur.jpg

Water breathing exercise: splashing sweet symbol.JPG

Do you want to introduce your child to the technique of diving? It is simply a matter of playing to hold his breath to prepare for it! With your head underwater, you start by blocking your breathing for a second and gradually increase. Like baby swimmers, what is called "reflex apnea" helps to familiarize the child with the immersion of the head under water.

Another variation of this exercise: Release the air underwater to make bubbles! A way to entertain while learning to manage your breath.

As soon as your little one is comfortable with the completion of these exercises, increase their difficulty to further strengthen his learning of swimming.

Have you tried one of our anti-stress exercises in the water? How did your child react and what did you think? Don’t hesitate to share your experience and advice by leaving a comment below!

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