Plouf ! Plouf ! Discover the Maison des maternelles' favorite children's swimsuit for aquatic laughter with your little one!

by Virgile Cachon on May 11, 2023

Learning to swim is easy with the Plouf swimsuit presented at La maison des Maternelles by Agathe Lecaron!


The water-safety benefits of Plouf floating swimsuits and how they were featured on La Maison des Maternelles.

The entire Plouf team is proud to announce that our floating bathing suits have been featured on La Maison des Maternelles. This daily program on France 2 is dedicated to families, from perinatal care to adolescence, and tackles all subjects in a caring way. We are delighted that our children's swimwear has been chosen to be featured on this educational program.

Plouf floatation suits are designed to help children learn to swim safely. Our swimsuits are equipped with floats made of FibreAir floats that keep children horizontal in the water. Thanks to our swimsuits, children can learn to swim more quickly and confidently, and parents are reassured!

Chez Ploufwe know that learning to swim is important for children's safety. That's why we've created buoy swimwear that not only helps children learn to swim, but is also comfortable and reassuring for parents. We are delighted that our product has been recognized by programs such as La Maison des Maternelles, and has been featured and particularly appreciated by Agathe Lecaron and Marie Perarnau.

We hope viewers have enjoyed discovering our children's swimwear and will be inspired to offer their children a more enjoyable and reassuring swimming experience thanks to Plouf.

Looking for a safe and fun way to help your child learn to swim?

Don't hesitate to try our floating swimsuits Plouf.

If you missed the episode of La Maison des Maternelles featuring our swimwear, you can still watch it and discover how our floaty swimwear can help your child become a real fish in the water 👇

 Order your floating swimsuit now and take advantage of coupon code MONPANIER5 🎁 !


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