Practical tips for the beach and the pool

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Fill up on tips with Plouf!

Make your life easier with our practical tips!

Plouf is full of resources to help you! Here are our tips to make trips to the beach or pool easier!  

- Let's think of hats, caps but prefer a bandana or a Plouf anti-uv bob. It will allow us to leave his head wet and cool all the time of the bath. 

- Sunscreen... in spray of course, for a quick and efficient application, to be renewed every 2 hours.

- The sunglasses hung on the cord so as not to lose them. 

- A bottle of water filled and frozen the night before will allow you to drink fresh water throughout the day.

- Won't drink water? Grenadine ice cubes bring color with the minimum of sugar.

- The chore of the toys filled with sand... We put them in a laundry net, once gathered we plunge them in the sea and they are rinsed.

- A bottle of talcum powder will help you remove the wet and sticky sand.

- The floating mat serves as a floating towel and a beach mat (or pool mat). The good news is that it doesn 't take up any space. And no need to inflate it

- We keep the cookie of the snack in a metal box with 2 squares of sugar to keep its crunch.

- And we take our Plouf floating vest Plouf, floating swimsuit for children with boy's models and girl's modelsfor a safe swimming and to be free of our movements.

A 100% safe summer! A comfort of swimming Plouf !

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