Plouf nominated in the Prevention category at the AXA CSR Awards!

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Plouf nominated in the Prevention category at the AXA CSR Awards!



For Plouf , it's a real honor to have been selected for the AXA CSR 2022 Awards, which took place on November 23.



To be promoted by a major French group with an international reputation which, like us, has always placed the emphasis on prevention. prevention at the heart of its activities, reinforces our position. It encourages us to continue growing, with the aim of making safety accessible to all.


Plouf competed in the " Prevention " category, which rewards initiatives that aim to protect people through risk prevention actions.



The social responsibility of Plouf


In CSR, there is Responsibility. We took our responsibility 20 years ago by creating a European standard guaranteeing the safety and buoyancy of children's equipment, a standard that has become compulsory for all other manufacturers.

CSR is Social. We act every day to reduce domestic accidents and the risk of drowning among children aged 1 to 14, which is the second leading cause of accidental death, after traffic accidents.


Finally, in CSR, there is Enterprise. Ours is developed with respect for gender equality, ethics, sustainable development because our free software is indestructible, and sharing by making our innovation accessible to all technical uses in favor of the safety of the greatest number.



Plouf's commitment


Plouf is a human and family adventure at the service of prevention, safety, comfort and teaching of water activities thanks to a world innovation, the FibreAir. This fiber is incorporated in floating swimsuits and swimming accessories for adults and children.


Make the big PLOUF with us in the world of innovation, prevention, safety, leisure and pleasure in danger!



FibreAir, the starting point of this unsinkable adventure


Alain Belkadi was the first to use the fiber to make floating swimsuits for floating bathing suits for children from 2 to 6 years old.


Long months of research and development then began to master the fiber, to improve it in order to optimize its buoyancy, to transform it into a usable product and above all, to adapt it to the child's morphology.


It calls on cutting-edge industrial technologies, because the original fiber was merely the carrier of an idea that had to be rethought and reinvented to make it usable, and adapted to a rational production.


Named FibreAir®, the fiber, a distant cousin of the original, is now manufactured by specific machines in a factory dedicated to its production.


The adventure of Plouf was beginning.

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