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Size very good

For our 3 year old son we ordered size 4 (17 kg) it's perfect.

Boy's floating swimsuit : Venere
We're won over (4-year-old boy)

This is the third year we've ordered a swimsuit from Plouf before our summer vacation. It's great. Our 4 year old son can jump into the waves and we are reassured of his buoyancy.
Weight 20kg - size 5 is perfect 👌

Very well-designed jersey. To be recommended. This is my third purchase for my grandsons.

The pleasure of making Plouf !

A year and a half old at the time of her first plouf, she swims like a little fish in the pool and in the sea, in complete safety. Living in the tropics, she swims all year round, and what a relief it is for the family to be able to swim together without being encumbered by buoys and other floats that get punctured at the drop of a hat... Thank you PLOUF !!!!


A summer must-have, no more arm-hurting buoys, my son can dive and jump everywhere with no problem!
The color is very pretty, it dries well, it's easy to carry, ready to use, it's great!
Bought last year for his 3rd birthday, I'm planning to buy another one this year!

Just Perfect

We didn't order the same color but it's the same model. I fell in love with this swimsuit. It's beautiful, practical and so safe. Our little one, who doesn't know how to swim yet, is really confident with this one. In fact, we're going to recommend one this year, and my little mommy heart is so reassured to know that she's so safe (even though Mommy keeps a very, very close eye on her, hihi). Thank you plouf for this great product. I recommend it with my eyes closed 😍

Great buy!

Delighted with my purchase last summer, my son is comfortable in the water and floats. Ideal for learning to swim and gaining confidence in the water. Recommended to my friends

Boy's floating swimsuit : Venere

Really top I am so delighted

Boy's floating swimsuit : Jurassic

Excellent product

Excellent product. I recommend it 200%. I bought it almost 1 year ago, and my daughter has used it almost every day, as we live in Asia. It hasn't moved!!!


This swimsuit is very well made and very durable. It helped my little girl gain confidence and learn to swim quite quickly. I'm ordering another one for her little sister.

A false friend

Enthralled by the concept, I'm disappointed in terms of effectiveness. For the little ones, it's even dangerous as it tips in all directions and an adult is essential to keep his head above water. We only used it once, as it was very stiff even in the water, and our little one didn't feel free to move around. Under no circumstances can it be considered as a safety accessory near a swimming pool.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. As you know, our swimsuits are designed for children from 30 months and 13kg,
who have acquired the gross motor skills necessary to be independent in the water. We're sorry to hear that your little one doesn't yet have the ability to enjoy his or her swimsuit Plouf. Maybe next summer ;)


Great for learning to swim!

Ideal for disabled children

My son, who is disabled, has no concept of danger, and really loves the water. This swimsuit prevents him from sinking, while giving him freedom of movement. He moves in complete safety.
Thank you

Girl's floating swimsuit : Pineapple girl

Girl's floating swimsuit : Unicorn

Floating swimsuit

This swimsuit is perfect! as a mother of 3 children, you have to have eyes everywhere! My son doesn't know how to swim yet: it's very reassuring to have this type of swimsuit! He's adapted very well to it, with no constraint on movement, and he's gained in self-confidence. I'm ordering again for the youngest. Thank you plouf!


The best swimsuit really my kids swim and I have peace of mind no risk of an armband going away.
I recommend some for this summer!

Original and practical

I bought 2 for our pool: one pink and one blue. Not bulky when it comes to tidying up and super fun. Everyone asks us where we found them.


Very 👍

Girl's swimming hair scrunchie Plouf

2nd swimsuit bought for our growing 3 year old, he's much more comfortable and reassured now that he's wearing it at the pool.

Excellent swimsuit for learning to swim

We had already bought a jersey for our daughter. Renewed again for our boy, excellent jersey I recommend.

Safe and beautiful

It's comfortable and safe. My daughter adopted it the first time she used it.


plouf swimsuits are great
Our 18-month-old is autonomous in the water and loves it.
We do too, because it's safer and helps us swim, and we're not afraid of the water.


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