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Excellent purchase

I bought this floaty swimsuit Plouf for my 4-year-old grandson, and he wore it all summer long, so we were reassured to know he was protected, although of course he was always under supervision ... This year, I'm getting one for his cousin!




Swimsuit really good and safe for children
My daughter loves it and can't get enough of it.
The only drawback is that it can't be machine-washed.

Swimsuit plouf

Perfect for children's safety. Used all summer 2023, my daughter loved swimming with it and we had peace of mind. We recommend it!

Super swimsuit

It fits very well and allows the child to be more secure and free in his movements than with armbands. I've had it for two years now and I've never had any quality problems.

Flamingo swimsuit

My little girls are very happy since they got this swimsuit. They float effortlessly and have gained a lot of confidence when they are in the water.

A very good idea

Children and parents can relax by the water

Brilliant! I recommend it.

Allows children to play safely in the water. Quality nothing to say. Perfect, we recommend it to parents!


3rd jersey I've ordered for my son, he doesn't feel comfortable without it! It's much more reassuring for everyone and he can do big plouf !

Super swimsuit

Not yet used in the water... we're waiting for the sun but it fits like a glove, it's pleasant to wear apparently but can't wait to try it in the water.

Very good but be careful with the size

My son is tall and slim, so I took into account his weight, but for the fitting, it was only a matter of millimeters to fit him into his outfit. So if he grows another centimeter, it's a done deal.

Recommended for all parents and grandparents 😉

I've known the plouf jersey for 28 years. I bought it for my children.
Now I've recommended it to my daughter.
We're going to try it this summer.
I recommend it to everyone I meet who has children. Some people prefer armbands. You can't convince everyone😊.
Really very reassuring when you have a pool. It doesn't prevent supervision, of course, but the child is free to move and gains confidence in the water.
In short, for me it's the best, despite its price.

to the top

2nd purchase for my son.

Excellent product

The armbands can be deflated or removed by small swimmers. No such risk with this swimsuit. My two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter immediately felt very comfortable in this swimsuit, which allowed her to move around in the water without any constraints. Another advantage: as the swimsuit is very full coverage (the smallest size has sleeves), it provides perfect protection from the sun.

As good as the other two


My daughter feels safe and has the freedom of movement to swim that other products don't necessarily offer.

Floating swimsuit dino

My son adopted it very quickly, it's very reassuring and he's at ease in the water.

Quality and safety

A swimsuit that's easy to put on and doesn't restrict movement. The child can wear it all day long, and parents are reassured.

Very nice product but take a size up

This item is bright and should be efficient by design. Beware, however, of going up a size for this model.

Super quality and easy to use

A super-simple jersey to put on
Reassuring and very good quality
I recommend

Boy's floating swimsuit : Dino

Boy's floating swimsuit : Lyrone

Superb for my nephew who'll be looking good in a soccer shirt in the water! Super quality!

Size very good

For our 3 year old son we ordered size 4 (17 kg) it's perfect.

Boy's floating swimsuit : Venere
We're won over (4-year-old boy)

This is the third year we've ordered a swimsuit from Plouf before our summer vacation. It's great. Our 4 year old son can jump into the waves and we are reassured of his buoyancy.
Weight 20kg - size 5 is perfect 👌

Very well-designed jersey. To be recommended. This is my third purchase for my grandsons.


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