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A floating mat and a beach towel

A beach towel that takes up no space and floats on the water

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FibreAir® is a technology Plouf. It's what makes our swimsuits and mats float. It is composed of 97% air, is ergonomic and has an incredible flotation capacity. Discover our innovation, its origin and its history by clicking on each color...

Plouf! It's beautiful and safe!


The fiber is
injected with air,
it floats!

A French innovation, FibreAir® is a fiber in which 97% of air micro-bubbles are injected, giving it incredible flotation properties.

Originally, this type of fiber was intended for thermal insulation, but one day, due to a handling error, a sample became so inflated with air that it floated!

From this incident was born a beautiful success story...

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Ergonomic, the fiber
follows the movements
of the body

It becomes certified
European standard!

After many years of research and development to optimize and adapt it to the child's morphology, the FibreAir® is today manufactured by specific machines in a factory dedicated to its production.

Plouf was the first brand to benefit from the NF EN 13138-1 standard "Buoyancy aids for learning to swim" in 2001.

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Plouf becomes
FFN partner !


As a specialist in children's floatation suits and holder of the worldwide patents for FibreAir®, Plouf has reassured more than a million parents around the world since its creation.

To continue this work on drowning prevention and help learning to swim, Plouf becomes a partner and official supplier of the French Swimming Federation.

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And now
the mat

250g of FibreAir®
130 Kg

And now, Plouf uses its know-how to create the floating mat! Ideal for the whole family, it serves as a mat to lie comfortably near water and also allows to float on the water.

With the quality of its FibreAir®, it floats up to 130 kilos and folds for easy transport. Plus, even when torn, it still floats!

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