DIY Motor skills - The recipe for puffy paint

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Keep your child busy during the Christmas vacations!

Hi, it's us! Today, we're bringing you the recipe for puffy paint.

A fun activity and artistic which will occupy your children during the vacations ! 

Working with shapes and colors requires a great sense of taste and imagination! It is also a scientific and sensory activity!

We go out a little of our beaten trackwe perform a new experienceis amazing and the little ones like it ! Plouf work at the discovery of autonomy but also to the playful for encourage your child à gain confidence and to improve its learning of swimming.

We paint, we observe the chemical reaction that causes the swelling under the action of heat and we touch this funny texture in relief with our fingertips. Wow, an original and enriching child activity!

What do I draw?

With this recipe, let your child's imagination run wild...a rainbow ? Its favorite summer fruit ? A toy ? 

What if you made one of our floating swimsuits for girls or boy.

PS: Don't hesitate to send us pictures of your children's beautiful creations! A Promo Code will be dedicated to you as a gift, take advantage of it 



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It's your turn! Tell us what you think in the comments!

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