Sandy Niddam or the revival of Plouf !

Sandy Niddam, director of Plouf !

An international career

A graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG) in Paris, Sandy Niddam traveled the world while studying business and marketing. She holds a bachelor's degree in business management from ICU University in Tokyo and a second bachelor's degree in business management from St John University in New York.

At the age of 39, after a breathtaking career between marketing and management in large international groups, she decided to take on a new challenge. Married with two young children, she made the radical decision to quit her job. Driven by this sentence engraved in her mind: "choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day in your life".

Sandy takes over the brand project Ploufproject, initiated by her father, and at the same time reconnects with her very first area of interest: marketing strategy. To this end, she decided to update her knowledge, particularly in digital marketing, and returned to school in 2019.

A context of crisis

This was without counting on the crisis of the COVID! Sandy Niddam, while being confined and taking care of her 2 children, obtained a Master 1 in digital communication 360, and a Master 2 in e-commerce specialization at SUPDEWEB, school of the Media School group. For her: "Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them gives it meaning".

Since that day, Sandy Niddam, has officially relaunched the Plouf brand with a complete overhaul of its website. She is leveraging her newly-acquired digital marketing skills, combined with her solid management experience. She is working tirelessly to help the family brand rise from the ashes.

With her Master's degree in hand, she was introduced to Cédric Messina, founder and CEO of My Coach, who supported her in her development as an entrepreneur, and took on the role of mentor for her. In 2021, as it grows exponentially, the Plouf brand becomes a member of Nice Start Up. This association is part of the French Tech Côte d' Azur momentum, bringing together selected start-ups in Nice.

Thanks to this formidable springboard, Sandy became acquainted with the Start Up ecosystem, and very quickly joined the new " Femmes Entrepreneuses " program. Strengthened by her arrival in the French Tech Féminine, Sandy Niddam and Plouf continue to develop faster than ever, pursuing their quest for security and innovation.

A challenge met

The Plouf brand now benefits from a new vision. All the incredible and unique innovations of Plouf are now united under a single banner. A unifying Umbrella Statement: "Innovation for safety, fun and comfort in the water."

In 2022, Plouf's flagship innovation, the floating swimsuit for children, made Plouf the official supplier to the French Swimming Federation. This floating swimsuit for children is also recognized as an anti-drowning device, a status which has enabled it to enter the French Ministry of Sports program.

Entering the federal world was an honor and a landmark recognition in the history of Sandy Niddam and Plouf. In fact, it's in the brand's DNA to be a forerunner, since it was Plouf that, in 2001, accompanied and supported the introduction of the European standard for buoyancy aids for learning to swim. The NF EN 13138-1 standard is based entirely on floating swimsuit Plouf , which obviously ticks all the boxes.

Today, Plouf is growing from strength to strength, and the goal for 2023 has already been set: to conquer the US market. With Plouf, Sandy Niddam makes safety accessible to all, and makes learning to swim fun and enjoyable for young and old alike.

Plouf ! It's beautiful! It's safe!



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