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Ideal for children's and adult's floating swimsuits

There is a saying that there is a long way from the cup to the lips and all this could have stopped there if Alain Belkadi had not intervened.

At the origin of our floating swimsuits

He was the first to come up with the idea of using fiber to make floating bathing suits for children aged 2 to 6 boys and girls .

Long months of research and development then began to master the fiber, to improve it in order to optimize its buoyancy, to transform it into a usable product and above all, to adapt it to the child's morphology.

It calls for advanced industrial technologies because the original fiber was only the support of an idea that had to be rethought, reinvented to make it usable, and adapted to a rational production.

Named FibreAir®, the fiber, a distant cousin of the original, is now manufactured by specific machines in a factory dedicated to its production.

The Plouf adventure  could begin.

The FibreAir® is ergonomic, it follows the movements
of the body.

FibreAir® contains 97% air inside its

FibreAir® is inserted in the form of layers in
depending on the weight of the child.

Attractive aesthetic qualities

Reassuring technical qualities

FibreAir® : a lightweight revolution

Floatation and swimming aid

The child is a very particular human being, whose proportions have a preponderant influence on buoyancy.

For Plouf! floating should not hinder movement, but rather free it up - just like a swimming belt, but without the child being able to remove it on his own.

Plouf was to enable children to enjoy the pleasures of the water to the full, while learning to swim in complete safety.

To do this, the horizontal position was preferred, but prevented the child from tipping forward.

Because we know the dangers of swimsuits with integrated buoys. Now, a classic buoy, by its very shape, not only does not allow you to fully enjoy the joys of the beach or the pool (who would wear a buoy all day long?) but it can, in some cases, encourage accidents by keeping the child in an upright position.

Discover also the history of Plouf and European Standards for its floating range .



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