The story of Plouf

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Discover how our floating range was born

All stories begin with an encounter
and there is no reason why this one should be different...

Air Float fiber

At the origin, there is a simple industrial incident. Somewhere in an Italian factory, an engineer injected too many air micro-bubbles into a batch of hollow synthetic fibers, usually used in thermal insulation, making the whole thing unusable, good to throw away.

But chance intervened. Someone noticed that these air-filled fibers floated like no one else!

We are at the beginning of the 2000s.
It is a man from Nice, Alain Belkadi, who has been running Greystone since its creation in 1981.

He is an experienced entrepreneur, who for 39 years has built his career in the textile industry and has worked with the biggest names in retail.

Carrefour, Auchan, Système U, Intermarché, Leclerc and Casino have all called on his expertise over the years.

He still manufactures the private labels of the largest retailers in his own factories.

But at this point in his business, as a new century begins, Alain Belkadi feels that he is at a turning point, that he must give a new impetus to his activity. This fiber will give him the opportunity.

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Conquering the world!

Combi-floaters for everyone

The technical mastery acquired over the years makes it possible to envisage new territories for FibreAir®, which is being declined towards new markets.

Plouf! has designed floating swimsuits for adults and teenagers, which allow those who cannot swim, as well as people with reduced mobility,to enjoy the water in complete safety. The parent brand, Ploufhas decided to launch the Safety-Concept brand by Plouf.

It is designed for adults and gives them the same flotation expertise as the children's floating swimsuit.

From the beginning, there was a challenge of style and aesthetics, with a research work that only a specialist could achieve. This is how the brand proposes a design adapted to the body of each one, by presenting a drawn and structured silhouette. The brand also extends its action to adult marine clothing: technical watch jackets and floating watch dungarees, which revolutionize the field of boating by substantially increasing the safety at sea of those who wear them. Want to know more about our products?

Discover our FibreAir®, as well as our floating range production line and the European Standards of our floating clothes for children and adults.


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