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I choose my size

The size of the floating bathing suit is to be chosen
according to the weight of my child

Boy's floating swimsuit : Venere


Girl's floating swimsuit : Sportif yellow


Girl's floating swimsuit : Princess


Girl's floating swimsuit : Mademoiselle pois


Girl's floating swimsuit : Cocotte

Girl's anti-UV set : Sunny Plouf

Girl's anti-UV set : Sunny


Boy's floating swimsuit : Red Jim


Girl's floating swimsuit : Carla turquoise


Boy's floating swimsuit : Flash

Boy's anti-UV T-shirt and shorts set: Dino Plouf

Boy's anti-UV set : Dino

Plouf Boy's anti-UV T-shirt and shorts set : Marin

Boy's anti-UV set : Marin

Plouf Girl's anti-UV T-shirt and shorts set: Unicorn

Girl's anti-UV set : Unicorn

Plouf Girls' anti-UV T-shirt and shorts set: Unicorn Violet

Girl's anti-UV set : Purple Unicorn

Discover all our exclusive offers. floating swimsuit All you need for a safe and comfortable summer. Plouf ! It's beautiful! It's safe!

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