Tips & Advice

How-to-clean-and-maintain-your-floating-suitPlouf Plouf  EN

How to clean and maintain your floating swimsuit Plouf ?

10-golden-rules-for-a-safe-bathing-for-your-child Plouf

10 golden rules for safe bathing for your child

Que-faire-si-un-enfant-àpeur-de-l'eau-Accompagnement-et-pédagogie-on-vous-dit-tout Plouf

What should you do if your child is afraid of water? We tell you all about it!

Protect-your-children-The-dangers-of-chlorine-and-how-to-avoid-risks Plouf

Protecting your children: The dangers of pool chlorine and how to avoid the risks

Happy New Year-Discover-promotion-codes-and-discounts-chez-Plouf-in-2024 Plouf

Happy New Year! Discover coupon codes and discounts at Plouf in 2024!

The-mat-flotting-2-in-1-Plouf-Practical-for-floating-and-bronzing-this-summer Plouf

The 2-in-1 Plouf floating mat: Perfect for floating and sunbathing this summer!

Summer-2023-Drowning-Roundup-less-frequent-but-more-often-fatal drownings Plouf

Summer 2023 drowning statistics: drowning less frequent but more often fatal

À-la-Pointe-de-l'-Innovation-Les-Dernières-Avancées-de-Plouf-Redefining-Aquatic-Safety Plouf

At the cutting edge of innovation: Plouf 's latest advances redefine water safety

Water-activities-to-practice-with-my-child Plouf

Water activities to practice with my child

Signs-of-dehydration-in-children-How-to-spot-and-act-on-the-signs Plouf

Signs of dehydration in children: How do you notice them and act on them?

TOP-5-des-filtres-Instagram-au-bord-de-l-eau-pour-l-été-2023 Plouf

TOP 5 Instagram filters for summer 2023

The-easy-way-to-ensure-your-child's-water-safety-how-to-put-on-a-floating-swimsuitPlouf Plouf

The easy way to ensure your child's water safety: how to put the floating swimsuit Plouf


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