10 golden rules for safe bathing for your child

by Virgile Cachon on January 31, 2024

The ultimate checklist for a trouble-free summer!



So that everyone, young and old, can make the most of the summer, we've drawn up a list of golden rules for a safe summer of swimming!


☀️ Constant monitoring

An attentive adult should always supervise children near water. Avoid distractions and stay alert. It's crucial to keep a constant eye on children to prevent accidents.


☀️ Suitable safety equipment

Make sure children wear appropriate flotation devices. The floating swimsuit Ploufmade with FibreAirtechnology, offers exceptional buoyancy and lightness, ensuring greater safety for children in the water.


☀️ Learn to swim and survive

Learning to swim is fundamental. Encourage your children to learn to swim and master survival techniques, such as floating on their backs and keeping their heads above water.


☀️ Sun protection

Protect children's skin from harmful UV rays. Use anti-UV clothingclothing sunglasses and apply sun cream factor 50. These precautions are essential to avoid sunburn and other skin damage.


☀️ Preventing hydrocution

To avoid thermal shock, gradually acclimatize your child's body to the water temperature. Avoid swimming immediately after a heavy meal, and teach your child to wet his face and neck before diving in.


☀️ Learn the basics of water safety

It's essential to teach children the basic principles of safety around water. This includes learning never to swim alone, to always ask permission before swimming, and to understand the importance of not running or pushing around the pool. This can go a long way towards reducing the risk ofwater accidents.


☀️ Safety rules around water

Establish clear rules for water activities, such as prohibiting running near the pool and avoiding head-first dives. These rules help prevent injuries and accidents.


☀️ Emergency equipment available

Keep emergency equipment such as buoys and poles in the immediate vicinity of the pool. In an emergency, these tools can be vital in helping someone in distress. And don't forget first-aid kits.


☀️ Hydration and breaks

Make sure children stay well hydrated and take regular breaks. This helps prevent fatigue and overheating, especially on sunny days.


☀️ Using accessories Plouf

In addition to the floating swimsuitPlouf offers a range of range of accessories accessories for children, including Anti-UV bobsbobs 2-in-1 floating mats and Anti-UV sets ! These products contribute to a safer, more enjoyable swimming experience for all!


So, how many of these golden rules have you ticked off? 

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It's your turn! Tell us what you think in the comments!

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