Baby at the beach: Top 5 gear to protect your child near water this summer!

by Virgile Cachon on February 27, 2023

How to protect baby at the beach?

When it comes to protecting baby from the sun, there are many options. Every piece of baby protection is a step closer to baby's safety and well-being. Unfortunately, the summer sun can pose a serious threat to her skin. 

You will need to equip your baby accordingly so that he can enjoy the summer by the water!


1- UV resistance

The sun is the biggest threat to baby in summer. Fortunately, there are many anti-UV outfits that protect the skin of young children. The most effective of them is theAnti-UV set. Composed of a UV protection t-shirt and UV protection shorts, or one piece, a UV protection outfit will perfectly protect baby where he is covered.
Of course, the use of a UV protection kit does NOT exempt you from using sunscreen, especially on your child's arms, legs and face, which are not covered by the UV protection kit.

2- Sandals / clogs

If you're at the beach and your baby is playing in the sand and moving around, she definitely needs something to protect her feet from the sand. In the summer, when the sun is strong, the sand can reach temperatures that are dangerous for your child's feet, and can even burn them. Also, sometimes there are sharp or metal rocks and debris in the sand because of the large number of visitors. This can be dangerous for baby if his feet are not protected.

3- Sunglasses

Let's not forget the star of the summer: the pair of sunglasses ! Baby's eyes are at least as fragile as his skin, and sunglasses are essential to protect his eyes from UV rays. Make sure that the sunglasses you choose have at least a protection factor of 3. Don't miss out on this summer essential, which can be used even outside of the beach or pool.

4- Beach towel

Of course, if he swims, baby will need to be dried off. After swimming, it is important to cover his body with a beach towel so that he doesn't stay wet for too long. You can also opt for a bathrobe for older children. In any case, make sure to dry your child with a beach towel or an absorbent bathrobe that allows baby to dry as quickly as possible.

5- Anti-UV beach hat / bob

When the sun hits, you have no choice but to make sure your baby is as protected as possible. Cover his head with an anti-UV bobsled or a beach hat is almost mandatory to prevent sunburn. The wide brim of this type of headgear also protects the baby's face, making the beach hat and UV protection bob a must.

You are ready for the summer!

If you've followed our top tips, you're all set to take your baby to the water's edge this summer! All dressed up and ready to make the most of summer!

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