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by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023



Hello My name is Shaili, I'm in charge of customer service at Plouf.


My team and I answer your questions live on social networks, chat, by phone and email.

Also, we realized that some questions came up regularly; So to help you here are the answers in pictures! 


What is the minimum weight and age for the PLOUF floating swimsuit?

Indeed, we have created specific sizes according to weight to ensure optimal flotation for children from 30 months and 13kg. Yes, yes!

I insist on the age of 30 months and 13kg!

In fact, a 30-month-old child has had time to develop some motor skills in his legs, arms and head. These motor skills are important because, without them, the child will not be comfortable in the water.

From the very first use, it is essential that the child learns to tap his or her feet IN the water, first vertically, (and then horizontally).

Without activating the movement of the legs and arms, the child will not be able to stabilize in the water. Let's not forget that the purpose of the Plouf floating bathing suit is tolearn to swim.

None of these products to date have combined learning and safety to such an extent.

Tips even if you cut your swimsuit with a knife, the tests prove that its buoyancy is not altered in any way 


Is it normal that the Size 2 swimsuit has sleeves?

In fact, our size 2 wetsuit is our smallest size. It floats the lightest weights, i.e. children from 13 to 15 kg. To ensure optimal flotation we have added FibreAirⓒ to the inside of the sleeves of this size swimsuit..


Tips for putting on our swimsuits?

During the season, I participated with the brand Plouf in numerous shoots with lots of little models. Swimming pool, sea, lake, all kinds of water features.

So after experience here is my tip that I dedicate to you: "Put both arms of the child back at the same time then put the swimsuit on both arms at the same time."


My child is 15 kg, 17 kg, 19 kg or 21 kg how to choose?

Size Guide :

 Size 2 : 28.7 to 33 lb

Size 3 : 33 to 37.5 lb

Size 4 : 37,5 to 41,9 lb

Size 5 : 41,9 to 46,3 lb

Size 6 : 46,3 to 53 lb

Indeed, there are some who may hesitate between 2 sizes... In this case, the most important thing is to understand that this does not affect the child's flotation. This one will remain the same in the 2 sizes.

We then advise to take the size aboveto allow the child to keep the swimsuit on longer 
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Did this article help you? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts, we're here to help! We'll be happy to help you on our chatbot or by email [email protected]


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