The No. 1 safety float for children swimsuit

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023


Discover the Safety Swimsuit Method Plouf !


There is a "First time" for everything!

Summer is a good time to swim in a pool, lake, sea, beach, in short, any refreshing water source

All parents and grandparents who share this time of relaxation with our little ones are looking for safety, comfort, practicality and learning to swim, which is also called aquatic awakening.

Look no further, you've found the Ploufthe safe and securefloating swimsuit No. 1 for children. It's simply magical


Take a look at this demonstration of the use of swimsuit and you'll think,"This is incredible!

No more shortness of breath like with a child's inflatable vest: now, with Plouf swimwear, your child can float freely in the water, giving you peace of mind.


Plouf is a Nice-based company that launched the world's only innovation 22 years ago, and for 22 years children have been learning to swim thanks to Plouf.


The French know-how is in all our swimsuits and the rigor of safety for children is found in the French standard of buoyancy aid which was developed in partnership with the brand and the French certification body.


You want to to choose the right size of flotation vest for your child ?

 Find the safety swimsuit Plouf and take advantage of discount code 🎁 MONPANIER5


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