Help your child discover their independence!

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Autonomy to better learn to swim

Come on! Allow your child to discover his or her abilities and be proud to watch them "do it all by themselves!


 At the birththe infant is completely dependent on his parents. Little by little, he discovers his environment and starts to to develop one's autonomy. L'autonomyis the ability to act with discernment in different situations. Normally, children become autonomous as they go along that their motor skills and cognitive evolve. It is a difficult period in their livesThey are constantly tempted to give up in the face of challenges. 


It should be emphasized that autonomy goes hand in hand with a well-built emotional relationship between parents and child. Indeed, if the child sees the trust in his parents' eyes, he will be more inclined to succeed in what he undertakes, he will feel more confident andself-assured. Helping your child,accompanying him during hisautonomy will reassure him, and optimize his results. They need to know that you are there for them.

First of all, children who begin to develop autonomy earlier have long-term academic, social and psychological benefits. Namely, autonomy promotes a sense of self-efficacy and consequently self-esteem. This will impact their motivation and perseverance. It will also develop a sense of responsibility, calmness in stressful situations and concentration. The little ones will be delighted to discover their autonomy. They will enjoy learning new skills and putting them into practice. On the other hand, your child will participate in daily tasks like any other member of the household, such as putting away toys, setting the table or giving a bowl of kibble to their pet. It's a great feeling to be able to contribute to the building, just like your older sister or brother !


 Encourage your child regularly!

They all go through the period where they want to do things on their own. This is the time when you, as parents, must encourage them! Reassure your child that you have confidence in them and that they can do it. Pay attention to the activity they are doing. Analyze the scenarios that could happen, so that you can protect your child without overprotecting him. The goal is for the child to discover new experiences and to learn to challenge himself, but of course in complete safety. Give him small challenges adapted to his age and try not to do everything for him, as this could discourage him. This could cause him to lose confidence in himself. Praise him for his efforts and successes. Learning perseverance from a young age is a good thing, even if there are sometimes failures that you must also learn to accept.

 Your little one has the right to make a mistake!

The mistakes teach usthey make us better. Let's not expect our children do everything perfectlyeven if it is in  its fourth test On the other hand, offer him other activities where he can better manage. Swimming is a activity that promotes motor skills. She helps children to improve while relaxing through the element itself. Discover the benefits of swimming. In the course of some sessions you will find that your baby will improve his crawling, the dexterity of his hands when he picks up an object, he will be more relaxed. The most important thing is that your child is willing to acquire skills at the right time. We must choose activities of their age. They should not be too difficult (so as not to discourage him). Not too easy (to avoid boredom).


 Recognize your child's true abilities, and be patient!

Every child evolves at his or her own pace. So don't worry if he's a little out of step with the others. Give him time to learn. Be patient and attentive to his progress, so as togradually increase the level of difficulty. Patience is the mother of safety. He'll get the hang of it! Our expectations as parents must be adapted to their age and abilities. If we are patient and confident, we indirectly stimulate their autonomy. They'll be able to measure the risk themselves and believe in their abilities. Try swimming! You'll find that wearing the floating swimsuit Plouf for girls or floating swimsuit for boysyou're helping your child to become independent. Your child is protected, and doesn't have to worry about being helped by the floats. Integrated into the swimsuit, your child can move freely.. And gains in motor skills and self-confidence.

 Show them how to do it!

Your child is just discovering the world and life. Don't assume he knows how to do the tasks. Show him how to do it. Washing hands, walking down the stairs (alternating feet), how to float in water with Plouf (flapping feet and legs to move). Always stay close by to help him if he is in demand. Lead by example as often as necessary. He needs time and the goal is for him to be able to reproduce what you are doing.


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And you, how do you help him/her to develop his/her autonomy ? Share your tips with us in the comments below  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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