How to clean and maintain your floating swimsuit Plouf ?

by Virgile Cachon on April 02, 2024

Tuto: How do I care for my swimsuit Plouf ?


Our tips and tricks for keeping your floating swimsuit Plouf impeccable this summer!

You've just bought your swimsuit Plouf and want to keep it in good condition? That's what we're here for! To make the most of it and keep it clean, follow these simple but crucial care steps!

First of all, you should know that if your fabric is damaged, the buoyancy of your swimsuit will not be affected!


Step 1: Rinse with clean water

The first step after each use, whether in the pool or in the sea, is to rinse your swimsuit in fresh water. This simple action helps remove salt, chlorine and other chemical agents, protecting the fabric and buoyancy components (the FibreAir). 


Step 2: Gentle cleaning

As for cleaning, it's essential to wash your swimsuit by hand with lukewarm water and mild soap. Gentle treatment of the fabric, especially around the floating parts, is necessary to prolong the life of your swimsuit's fabric. It's important to note that machine washing is strictly forbidden, as it can seriously damage the swimsuit.


Step 3: Sun drying

To dry, hang it on a coat hanger, or stand it on a table to let the water run off. Some peoplehang it over their shoulder on the back of a chair. Drying in the open air and in an airy place is beneficial for rapid drying.

Your Plouf swimsuit should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Avoid leaving it rolled or folded for long periods, as this could affect the structure of the buoyancy inserts.


Step 4: A few precautions to take

Also take precautions with sun creams and body oils, which can stain the fabric. Try to apply these products without direct contact with the bikini area. Our UV protection sets are compatible with the Plouf swimsuit!

Finally, be aware of the surfaces you sit or lie on. Rough surfaces can damage the delicate fabric of your bikini, especially in fragile areas (panties).


Step 5: Enjoy!

By following these tips, your Plouf swimsuit will stay in perfect condition and follow you for as many swims and adventures as you like!



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