Family pool essentials by Maman jusqu'au bout des ongles

by Virgile Cachon on June 15, 2023

Soizic, mom of four and well-known blogger, shares her review on floating swimwear Plouf !



Soizic is an experienced mom who is generous enough to share on her blog all the advice she would have liked to have received as a young mom. She chose to focus on the Plouf brand!

The specialized blog "Maman jusqu'au bout des ongles"tested our Plouf products: first the floating swimsuit for children, then the floating mat. She was won over by their efficiency and design.

After doing some serious research into the brand, the products, the technology and the conditions of use, she discovered that Plouf is a family-run business from Nice that has been around since 2001.

Soizic toured the store to find out what the brand could offer a young parent. Floating swimwear for children and adults featuring FibreAir technology. This technology enables swimmers to float horizontally on the surface of the water. This feature helps childrenlearn to swim andensures safety during swimming. She also noticed the floating mat, which also uses FibreAir technology to let you float on the water in complete relaxation, and the safety accessories to protect children from the sun, such as anti-UV outfits and sunglasses.

During her research, she noted that floating swimsuit for children should be worn from the age of 30 months, as before this age a child does not have the necessary motor skills to be independent in the water. She also made it clear that, despite the safety provided by this float swimsuit, an adult must be present and available to supervise the child during swimming and around the water. She also highlighted the partnership between Plouf and the French Swimming Federation, which recognizes the value of floating swimsuit

Soizic decided to put floating swimsuit to the test for herself by equipping her two youngest children. Safety when swimming is particularly important to her, as she wants to be able to enjoy these family moments with complete peace of mind.

After choosing the size of floating swimsuits according to her children's weight, she received two swimsuits, one with sleeves to keep her little girlafloat. Indeed, a small child needs more than FibreAir to float safely, and this extra fiber is placed in the sleeves to keep the child's head above water in all circumstances.

Ready to get down to business, she headed for the pool with her two little ones.Putting on the floating swimsuit was easy, and she took care to ask the children to stretch their arms backwards so that the arms could be slipped on smoothly. She found that the swimsuits offered an optimal fit around the children's bodies. By the way, if they seem too tight at first, that's perfectly normal. No air should pass between the child's body and the swimsuit. It's during the first use that the swimsuit will mold to the child's body and become so comfortable .

Her eldest daughter wasn't exactly enthusiastic about putting on floating swimsuit at first. She had just started swimming lessons and was worried that the swimsuit would prevent her from swimming. Convinced by her mom to give it a try and make up her own mind, she finally got into the water with it on. Immediately convinced by its comfort and support, she never wanted to leave it!

Soizic's mom was also convinced. She was able to watch her daughter swim without tiring, safely away from the shore and enjoy the pool to the full, autonomously while remaining under the watchful eye of her mother, who could also swim peacefully. 

The youngest, who hasn't yet learned to swim on her own, used the floating swimsuit as a flotation system to enjoy the water in complete safety. More practical than other systems the family has been able to test, the little one was able to enjoy the swim without letting go of mom. But Soizic is confident that her little one will quickly gain confidence in the water thanks to floating swimsuit Plouf , and that she will soon become independent. 

So the experiment was a success, and the little family were able to spend some very pleasant family time at the pool, safe and confident. After swimming, simply rinse the swimsuits in clean water and leave to air dry.

That's when the floating mat test began. Great fun, it was immediately adopted by the little ones, who were delighted to jump on it and try to walk on it. Soizic had to negotiate hard to be able to test it herself, as the little ones were having so much fun with it. She found a very ingenious way of playing with her young est by putting her on the mat and pulling her to move her in the pool. The little one loved this magical moment when she glided across the water like a flying carpet. The older one also had the excellent idea of folding the mat to make a fry to put under the arms or between the legs.  

Once used, just like the swimsuit, simply rinse with clean water and fold. So practical for an already busy mom.

We'd like to thank Soizic and her little family for all their hard work. Soizic has a wonderful desire to help and advise young parents, and there's no doubt that her testimony will help many moms and dads in their daily lives. Long live this wonderful blog project and best wishes to this adorable family

Don't hesitate to read Soizic's well-written article, with its lovely family photos:

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