Water safety for children (3-6 years): The innovative collaboration between the French Swimming Federation and Plouf !

by Virgile Cachon on June 06, 2023

Plouf puts the protection of children in aquatic environments at the heart of its partnership with the FFN

In 2022, Plouf became an official supplier to the French Swimming Federation and partner of the French Swimming Academy. The partnership was born of the FFN's desire to raise public awareness of the importance of water safety, particularly for children. For Plouf offers floating swimsuits that provide buoyancy assistance for children with little confidence in the water from 30 months upwards.


The floating swimsuit Plouf, an anti-drowning device

The water safety and children's risk of children drowning are very important subjects and must be taken veryseriously . Every year, hundreds of children die or suffer permanent damage as a result of drowning. It is therefore crucial to know what preventive measures to take to ensureour children's safety in water.

A few valuable rules:
The first rule is tonever leave a child unattended in or near water. Even if the water is shallow, an accident can happen in an instant, without warning.

It's also important to designate an adult to be responsible for monitoring the child at all times, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

It's also a good idea to take first aid courses, especially those focusing on first aid in the event of drowning. Reacting quickly in an emergency can make all the difference and save a life.

In addition to supervision, it's important to ensure thatthe water environment is safe. This can include the installation ofsafety fencesaround pools, the use of the Plouf safety floating swimsuit for children.

In addition, it's important toteach our children the safety rules in the water from theirearliest years. This includes learning to swim, understanding the danger signs such asstrong currents , suddendepth zones orrough water and knowing the rules of conduct appropriate in the water, such as not running near the edge of the pool.

Our mission

The risks of drowning can be avoided by adopting appropriate preventive measures and remaining vigilant at all times. water safety is acollective responsibility , and as parents, it is our duty to guarantee the safety of our children in and around water. By exercising diligence and foresight, we can help prevent the tragic accidents that can occur in the water.

This partnership with the FFN aims to offer beginner children an innovative innovative solution for confidence and safety in the water.

By working together, hand in hand, the Fédération Française de Natation and Plouf wish to encourage people not only to swim safely, but also to take precautions to avoid water-related accidents.




The benefits of Plouf floating swimwear for children's safety

Plouf is a French company specializing in the creation of new-generation flotation accessories based on FibreAir© technology. It has developed a range of floating swimsuits that offer an effective solution for improving the safety of little beginners. These swimsuits are designed to help children float and stay afloat, while allowing them to swimfreely. Indeed, nothing impedes their movement since the technology, FibreAir©, is locatedinside the swimsuit. This makes it an ideal choice for children who like to play and explore in the water.

In addition to its features, the maillot Plouf is also designed to keep up with new trends by offering colorful styles that will appeal to kids and parents, encouraging them to wear it with pleasure. Dino, Unicorns, Monster Truck, Pink Flamingo - these are your children's future swimming companions.

In addition to promoting the use of these floating swimsuits, the partnership between Plouf and the Fédération française de natation also aims to ensure that these productsmeet the highest European safety standards.

The floating swimsuits Plouf have been subjected to rigorous tests to guarantee their safety and efficiency in the water for 23 years. In the 2000s, when Plouf turned to certifying bodies, there were no buoyancy standards for children!

There were dozens of nomenclatures for swimming pools, lifeguards, balloons and inflatable boats, but nothing for the floatation suits we put on our children.

The CRITT Sports et Loisirs therefore undertook to develop this standard with the active support and expertise of Plouf!

Logically, the brand was the first to benefit from the NF EN 13138-1 standard, back in 2001, and has continued to meet the strictest European standardization criteria ever since, guaranteeing access to the market and nurturing the the Plouf brand!

Partnership prospects and the future of water safety

As part of this partnership, FFN is contributingits technical expertise and safety in the water. While the brand Plouf brings its expertise in designing quality children's products that meet their needs for comfort, safety, flotation andfun in the water. Feel more comfortable in the water will help them develop their confidence while being safe. In addition, the partnership between Fédération Française de Natation and the brand Plouf can help to make parents aware of the importance of learning to swim for their children, and of safety in the water.

Working together, these two entities will succeed in raising awareness parents, which will go a long way to preventing drowning accidents among children.

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