Safety made easy: Plouf floating swimsuits now available on IDKids

by Virgile Cachon on September 21, 2023

Summer is the time to lounge by the pool and have fun in the water.



But for parents, the safety of their children remains a constant priority. That's why we're delighted to announce that Plouf floating swimsuits are now available on the IDKids website!

Let's take a look at how these swimsuits combine safety and style, and why they've become the preferred choice of parents concerned about safety during their children's aquatic activities.


What are the different aspects of the floating swimsuit Plouf ?

The floating swimwear Plouf go far beyond simple beachwear. They're meticulously designed to provide a carefree swimming experience , with an emphasis on safety for the youngest andlearning to swim. Here's what makes these swimsuits unique and essential:

  1. Integrated buoyancy with unique flotation technology technology floating swimsuits Plouf allow children to float naturally in a horizontal position, minimizing the risk of drowning.

  2. Incomparable mobility : Unlike traditional floatation devices floating bathing suits Plouf do not restrict children's movements. They allow total freedom of movement, encouraging little swimmers to gain confidence in the water.

  3. Comfort and style Made from quality materials, Plouf floating swimsuits offer exceptional comfort as the swimsuit follows your child's body movements. What's more, their design ensures that your children stay on the cutting edge of fashion while enjoying their time in the water.


Available on the IDKids website

Finding floating swimwear Plouf has never been easier! Thanks to their availability on the IDKidssite, parents can order with confidence and convenience, knowing that they are investing in quality products that put their children's safety and development first.

And that's not all! Discover our range ofsafety accessories Plouf ! Reversible anti-UV children's bobsleigh, anti-UV children's bathing cap, anti-UV children's sunglasses, anti-UV children's set with shorts and t-shirt to protect children from the sun, ... For a worry-free summer with Plouf !


Is floating swimsuit Plouf certified?

Plouf floating bathing suits have been designed in collaboration with water safety experts and comply with European safety safety standards. This means that when you choose Plouf, you choose your child's safety in the water. In fact, European safety standard 13138-1 complies with buoyancy aids for learning to swim. You can rest assured that Plouf is a French innovation !


Plouf available on IDKids?

Yes, because we share the same same valuesthe awakening and fulfillment of children around the world.

With Plouf floating swimsuits available on the IDKids website, offer your children a swimming experience that combines safety and style. Thanks to their built-in buoyancy, comfort and fun design, these swimsuits allow little swimmers to enjoy and learn to appreciate the water in complete peace of mind. Opt for Plouf! and give your children moments of aquatic pleasure in complete confidence!

Equip your children today with a discount using code MONPANIER5 🎁! 


Tell us what you think, and share your ideas for potential retailers for our floating swimsuit in the comments! 👇

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