Top 2024 swimwear for kids!

by sandy niddam on March 04, 2024

PLOUF voted by Mum'Advisor TOP 2024 moms 


Plouf is proud to have won the Grand Prix Mum'Advisor 2024 from the renowned Magicmaman magazine.

The swimsuit buoy Ploufa major innovation in children's swimming, was recently awarded the Grand Prix Mum'Advisor 2024 by Magic Maman magazine. This prestigious recognition underlinescommitmentPlouf 's commitment to water safety for the very young. This award adds to our already well-established reputation, with a range of floatation suits designed to help children learn to swim safely.

Our range of float swimweardesigned to help children learn to swim safely, was featured in the "Children" section of the latest edition of Magic Maman. At Plouf, we know that learning to swim is a crucial stage in a child's life. That's why our innovative swimwear, equipped with technology FibreAirtechnology, allow children to float in safety, while promoting rapid apprehension and progress in the water.

The unique Ploufare made from high-quality materials for maximum comfort and safety. They have been tested and approved by accredited swimming instructors and are now used by the French Swimming Federation and theAcadémie de la Natation. Available in a range of sizes and colors, our swimsuit buoys can be adapted to suit all tastes and needs. 

We are pleased to note that our role in promoting water safety is recognized is recognized by influential media such as Magic Maman, an essential guide for expectant and new mothers. The award of Plouf in Magic Maman testifies to our vocation to accompany parents and their children in the discovery of water and swimming, by offering solutions that reassure children, who are often fearful of water. Our swimsuits are easy to put on, guarantee freedom of movement and feature playful, over-the-top designs! (dinosaur, unicorn, monster truck...).

Discover the enthusiastic testimonials of parents who have been won over on our websiteand check out our full range of children's floating swim wear. Follow us on Instagram for our latest news and tips to help little ones thrive in the water.

For more information on the winners of the Grand Prix Mum'Advisor 2024 and what Magic Maman has to say about them Plouf, visit their website !



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