Moms (and dads) who chose the safety and comfort of Plouf this summer!

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

More than a floating swimsuit, a summer rendezvous!

We are very touched to have been so supported by our moms and dads this year. 

We were able to exchange, to understand their fears, to share moments of their vacations but also of aquatic exploits of their children. 
It is important to the Plouf team that our approach be understood. This floating swimsuit is a safety tool that helps to learning to swim. Because of its European safety standardwhich is known as thebuoyancy aid for learning to swim.
But also by the fact that this floating swimsuit is a real anti-drowning device that the French Swimming Federation wished to put forward since this year. Faster and better our children will learn to swimthe more they will be protected against drowning that affect many families every summer. Unfortunately we still have too many accidents, in 2021 alone; 1480 drownings.
We thank all our mothers for their natural commitment, their sympathy and their benevolence. It was a great adventure with them! We congratulate all the children for their progress, we are very proud of them! 
We would like to mention and thank you all personally: 0paline, Alex en vogue, Alexia Mori, Aurely love life, Babychou family, Capucine Ciné, Clairette family love, Cœur cœur and cie, Famille Boibessot, Gang de rouquins, Girly mum, Goldie Blondie, Happy mom life, Ines Ndn, Julie Ricci, La famille chaton, Sévy's Bubble, Las princesas de Tamara, Ma vie de wonder maman, Ma vie trépidante de maman, Mélogommette, Sandra Sab, Pibirina, Steffie mg, Sweet chlowy, Mummy Fast and Obsylone. 
A special nod to Christophe Beaugrandproud dad who chose our floating vests to teach his son to swim! The TF1 star host chose the model France Garçon for his son, and promotes safety and comfort provided by our floating swimsuit !


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