Mummy Fast reassured by our floating swimsuits

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

The reassuring power of children's swimwear plouf !

This mom shares with us every moment of her fast life with a lot of transparency and fun!

Accompanied by her husband and their three children : Casey 15 years old, Julia 10 years old and Jamie 3 years old, the daily life of this large family is never boring!


Through her Instagram and her blog "Mummy Fast: My greatest power is being a woman", we can see her passion for travel, her humor and her kindness!


She touched us deeply when she spoke of Julia and her silent fall into a smaller pool. A traumatic experience for a mother and Plouf is on a mission to reduce the number of accidents and drownings !


Sandra was delighted with our floating swimsuits for Jamie, a reassured mom around water and a successful vacation!

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