Floatation suits Plouf : Your guarantee for safe swimming lessons

by Virgile Cachon on October 10, 2023

Plouf floatation suits are making the rounds of Centre-France's regional publications!


Learning to swim is a crucial stage in every child's life.

This is a time when self-confidence, comfort and safety in the water are essential. This is where floatation suits Plouf come into play, offering an exceptional solution to help children learn to swim safely.


Unrivalled safety

The swimwear Plouf are distinguished by their unwavering commitment to your child's safety. Every detail of these swimsuits has been meticulously designed and validated by the European organization, CRITT Sport & Loisir, to guarantee a risk-free swimming experience:

  • High-quality floats: Plouf swimsuits are equipped with floats made of FibreAirour unique flotation technology! It's 97% micro air bubbles! Puncture-proof - buoyant - ergonomic

    We insert it in the form of layers layers inside a one-piece swimsuit according to child's weight for the child's freedom of movement.

    The swimsuit positions the child's body in the water in swimming position for for a safe introduction to the water.

  • Freedom of movement: Unlike traditional swim vests or floatation devices, Plouf swimwear offers total freedom of movement. This means your child can practice swimming strokes efficiently while feeling safe and comfortable.

  • Anti-irritation design: Plouf swimwear is made from soft, comfortable materials that won't irritate your child's delicate skin. No detail is left to chance to ensure optimum comfort.

Media recognition

The effectiveness of Plouf floatation suits was highlighted in an article entitled "Outdoor sports startups: 5 SporTech to make the most of summer", published in local online magazines belonging to the Centre-France group. These magazines include:

This media recognition testifies to the positive impact that Plouf swimsuits have had on the world of children's swimming. They have become a preferred choice for parents concerned about the safety and well-being of their little swimmers.



Plouf swimwear is more than just swimwear. They're trusted partners in your child's swimming journey. Thanks to their commitment to safety, comfortable design and media recognition, swimsuits Plouf are the best option for your child tolearn to swim safely.

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