Plouf invited to France 3 and France Bleu

by Virgile Cachon on January 27, 2023

Plouf enhances your daily life through innovation!

Plouf allows you to share good times with family and friends, having fun in a carefree way! Always in the utmost comfort!

The Nice-based company Plouf, develops its innovations from the . FibreAir. It's a fiber inside which 97% micro air bubbles are injected, giving it incredible buoyancy properties.

Plouf first launched floating swimwear for children 22 years ago floating swimwear for childrenwhich have met with growing success.

The brand manager takes advantage of this interview to announce that Plouf is an official supplier to the French Swimming Federation.

Like any start-up, the goal is toimprove the daily life of everyone through its innovations.

The French Riviera, the cradle of swimming with family and friends, inspired the team.

By dint of seeing bathers carrying around their bulky inflatable beach mats.

In which they wereblowing away. Which, if they were lucky, would not die at the end of the first swim.

Plouf came up with the idea of developing a floating mattechnology. FibreAir.

Favicon PloufHe does not die

Favicon PloufThere is no nothing to inflate

Favicon PloufHe is easily transported

Favicon PloufIt folds into briefcase

Favicon PloufIt is floating thanks to the FibreAir

The icing on the cake: It's comfortable! You lie on 97% micro-bubbles of air!

It's a 2-in-1: beach mat and floating mat!

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