Plouf floating swimsuit on Kiabi: The perfect combination of style and safety for your little swimmers

by Virgile Cachon on September 21, 2023

Thanks to the recent collaboration between Plouf and Kiabi, your next swims will be stylish and affordable!


Let's celebrate the latest addition to our list of retailers! Kiabi fashion at low prices for families and the brand Plouf !


The water safety revolution

Plouf made its mark with its floating swimsuitsan innovation that redefines learning to swim for children. These swimsuits incorporate technology FibreAirtechnology, offering optimal buoyancy support while allowing the child to move freely in the water. The result is a safer, more confident swimming experience.

Kiabi's trust: an acknowledgement

When a well-known brand like Kiabi chose to carry Plouf swimwear, it's a sign ofconfidence in this innovative brand. Kiabi is known for its careful selection of children's clothing, and for highlighting products that combine quality, style and safety. The swimwear Plouf fit perfectly into this vision, giving parents the confidence to dress their little swimmers.

Styles to please young and old alike

Plouf floatation suits from Kiabi don't just offer unrivalled safety. They're also available in a range of designs and colors that will appeal to kids of all ages. From your little one's favorite bright color to playful patterns that add a touch of whimsy to every swim, there's something for everyone.

A crucial stage in learning to swim

Learning to swim is a major step in every child's life. It's a skill that fosters self-confidence, coordination and, above all, safety in the water. With Plouf swimsuits available from Kiabi, parents can be sure of giving their children the best possible experience in the water.

A summer of safe fun

This summer, make every aquatic outing a moment of fun and learning for your little swimmers. Plouf swimsuits on kiabi guarantee optimum safetywithout compromising on style, at low prices. Put your trust in two leading brands that put your children's safety and well-being first.

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Tell us what you think, and share your ideas for potential retailers for our floating swimsuit in the comments! 👇

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