Safety and style: Plouf floating swimwear now available at Intersport and Center Parcs

by Virgile Cachon on September 21, 2023

Summer is here, and with it sunny days at the beach and relaxing moments by the pool!

That's where Plouf floating vests come in. Offering a harmonious fusion of style and safety, they are now available at Intersport and Center Parcs.

What makes these Plouf floating lifejackets stand out from the crowd, and what new features do they offer to ensure safe swimming? Let's discover together the perfect balance between protection and elegance, making them the preferred choice of parents who are vigilant about their children's water safety.

What makes the Plouf vest buoyant?

The Plouf floating vest goes far beyond the simple status of beachwear. Its primary purpose is to help children enjoy the water, with particular attention paid to safety while floating. That's why Plouf isso special:

  • Integrated buoyancy By integrating the world's only flotation technology into every Plouf vest, this garment enables children to float naturally in a horizontal position. All they need to do is move their arms and legs to move freely in the water. A crucial advantage for reducing the risk of submersion and fatigue.

  • Freedom of movement Unlike traditional floats, the Plouf vest does notrestrict children's movements. In fact, the famous FibreAir is inserted inside the swimsuit, leavingchildren totally free to move. All they have to do is move their arms and legs. As you can see, the Plouf float suit appeals to children's gross motor skills, helping them to develop their aquatic awareness while having fun.

  • Optimal comfort The materials used in the Plouf vest ensure absolute comfort, avoiding any discomfort to children's delicate skin. A key factor that allows little ones to enjoy every moment spent in the water. Appreciating water is an art, and thanks to Plouf , your children will enjoy their time in the water.

Where can you find Plouf life jackets in stores?

Access to Plouf floating life jackets has never been easier. They are available directly from Plouf at Nice, as well as in selected boutiques at Intersport and Center Parcs, brands renowned for their commitment to quality and safety .Geolocate here to find your nearest store. Parents can obtain these vests from reputable outlets, guaranteeing added peace of mind in terms of authenticity and reliability.

Proven, certified safety

Floating vests Plouf are more than just atrendy accessory. They have been carefully designed to meet the most stringent European safety standards. Parents can feel reassured knowing that these vests have been designed in collaboration with water safety experts, and are fully compliant with current European CRITT Sport & Loisirs standards. Standard 13138-1 for floating swimsuits Plouf complies with buoyancy aids for learning to swim.

Plouf ! Partner of the French Swimming Academy and Official Supplier of the French Swimming Federation

Plouf takes part every year in the Ministry of Sports and Olympic Games' "J'apprends à nager" (I'm learning to swim) scheme , as floating swimsuit Plouf enables children to continue to move around in the water in complete safety, and to discover the pleasures of water and swimming in a fun way.

 In short, what's the best floating vest?

When safety meets style, Plouf floating life jackets come to life, now available at Intersport and Center Parcs. Thanks to their innovative flotation technology , superior comfort and compliance with the strictest safety standards, these vests offer a reliable solution for children to enjoy the water with complete peace of mind. Trust Plouf for carefree swimming, turning every moment in the water into a safe and joyful adventure for your little ones!

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