BFMTV Live interview with Sandy Niddam, director of Plouf ! She raises awareness about summer drowning.

by Virgile Cachon on July 19, 2023

In the face of accidental drowning, Plouf is committed to offering a safe and fun device.

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation at the beach or pool, but unfortunately it's also marked by an increase in drowning cases.

Sensitive to this issue, Sandy Niddam, brand manager Plouf, was recently interviewed live on BFMTV to discuss the growing number of summer drownings. In this article, we take a look at this landmark interview and how Plouf floating swimwear plays a vital role in drowning prevention.



Sandy Niddam on BFMTV: Raising awareness about drowning prevention

Appearing on BFMTV, Sandy Niddam, Director of Plouf, highlighted the importance of water safety and the sad fact of an alarming increase in drownings during the summer season. She stressed the need to make families and water sports enthusiasts aware of the importance of safety measures to prevent tragic accidents.



Drowning prevention benefits of floatation suits Plouf

Floating bathing suits Plouf offer an innovative and effective solution to drowning prevention. In addition to being at the cutting edge of children's fashion, these swimsuits incorporate flotation technology that helps keep young swimmers at the water's surface. Here are just some of the essential benefits of floating swim wear Plouf:

    1. Built-in buoyancyPlouf swimsuits are designed with special materials, including the FibreAir that give them natural buoyancy. The FibreAir is integrated in layers inside the boy's or girl's one-piece swim suit.

    2. Comfort and freedom of movementPlouf floating swimsuits offer optimum comfort thanks to the ergonomic design of FibreAir. They allow little swimmers to move freely in the water while maintaining constant buoyancy.

    3. Safety for children, peace of mind for parentsPlouf pulls children into the water safely and gives parents peace of mind. As partners of theFrench Swimming Academy and suppliers to the French Swimming Federation, our swimsuits comply with European safety standards and are recognized worldwide.

    4. Learning to swim: Plouf positions the child's body horizontally, so that only arms and legs need to be moved to begin swimming. As you can see, by working on gross motor skills and natural breathing in the water, your child will be able to continue evolving in his or her discovery of swimming.

Enjoy a carefreecarefree aquatic experience with Plouf,the benchmark for buoyancy and safety in the water.


Plouf, It's beautiful! It's safe!

The recent interview with Sandy Niddam, Director of Plouf, on BFMTV highlighted thecrucial importance of drowning prevention. With the number of drownings rising every summer, Plouf floating swimsuits are proving to be a drowning prevention device drowning prevention device. Thanks to their built-in buoyancy, comfort and safety for all ages. These swimsuits offer a practical and stylish solution to prevent tragic accidents, while you continue to learn to swim.

This summer, it's essential to remember that water safety must be a top priority. With Plouf floating swimsuits, swimmers can enjoy the pleasures of the water with complete confidence and, above all, safety

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